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Mass Shooting Solutions 

At HEUER Defense we are passionate about helping to defend the innocent and we have a patented device and a holistic protection program aimed to do just that. 

Imagine a day where we don't have school shootings in the headlines.

HEUER Defense

A complete and versatile program to protect facilities. equipped with a strategic training and defense program created for the defenders of our schools, churches , and other large gatherings of individuals where being protected from mass shootings is a priority.   Heuer Defense emphasizes heavily on determent.  

Defenders of these institutions are unsuspecting people of the community space; IE teachers, coaches, parents, neighbors and church goers as well as law enforcement, thus a solution to provide a skilled defense team to quickly stop an active shooter by as as a result of  defensive and on going training, armed with our patented defensive tools, confidence and prepared. Any community member that meets our screening requirements can engage in this training to be applied in any mass social setting. 

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What are they armed with?

One of the hallmarks of our complete program is in of our defensive devices.

Our patent is on a new form of a dual function device, the default and stowed position of the device provides less than lethal impacts to the perpetrator, multiple and highly effective rubber bullets and or pepper rounds to impact the shooter with initially and if required, the defender can switch the device to a lethal response while never taking the shooter out of the defender sights.


A game changer in defending persons in crowds, where collateral death is unacceptable, but collateral injury would be.

We offer several models of our defense devices in a hand version or long rifle configuration.

Patent # US 10,066,889 B2

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Another Hallmark of Heuer Defense is our rapid, trained response from our defenders.

We have a streamlined instant notification system that acts on input from our area defenders once a device is deployed, instant notification goes out to our area defenders that are actively enrolled in our HEUER Defense program, as well as 911 and our defenders respond, similar to that of a neighborhood watch program.

One key component to making this system effective is by which the defensive device is stored. Throughout the premise of the school or facility, there will be secure holding boxes located in strategic places where a trained defender can scan their credentials to open and have the defensive device quickly in hand. Once this box opens, the notification system will be deployed allowing other defenders in the building and in the surrounding neighborhood to be quickly respond. This also works for the defenders who carry their device holstered, as it activates the same system once they unholster their device.  

Our trained defenders will be in position, ready and willing to inter the fray within precious seconds of being notified of an active incident. Our defenders very well may be the first responders to intervein and save lives.

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How can we deter shootings from happening in the first place?

As as simple yet effective measure, once a school, event, church or other gathering place enrolls in a Heuer Defense program, we will display signage that notifies that the facility is being protected by Heuer Defense, that firearms and trained personal may be on the premises.

We harden the facilities, our defenders are seconds away, armed and prepared to stop an active shooter.

Additionally lockboxes will be displayed visibly in several areas, some defenders will carry their devices openly, thus putting on notice to any potential perpetrator from within that these premises are no longer a "soft" target. 

Community, rapid response and results 

Having the community protect the innocent is the forefront of our protection plan and as such we are not replacing law enforcement, but instead equipping the school or facility with the tools, training, and support needed to create the life saving results that have been eluding America for far too long.

 With the added benefit of having a non-lethal defensive device more people in the community are capable and willing to step up, enter the fray and defend others, creating a stronger and more united front not only for saving lives  but also for ongoing community togetherness. 

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Heuer Defense

Defending and Protecting the Innocent 

1) Train and develop defenders through live simulated trainings to develop muscle memory when using the defense devices using a vetted selection criteria.

2) Equip the defenders and the facility with holstered and lock box stored non lethal/lethal defense devices. 

3) Provide signs and alert systems throughout facility for determent of shooter and providing continuing education and trainings for community.

4) Save lives and strengthen community.


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